Core command-line tools

Core command-line tools

The core functionality of Themelio is encapsulated in a few command-line tools:

  • themelio-node is the full node reference implementation. You’ll use themelio-node to contribute to the network, either as a nonvoting auditor node, or a voting staker node that stakes Sym to participate in Themelio’s proof-of-stake consensus.
  • melwalletd is a thin-client wallet daemon. It exposes a local REST API that can be directly used, but is intended mostly as a microservice that wallet GUIs, trading bots, and other programs use to transact on the blockchain.
  • melminter is a Melmint minter that uses CPU power to mint nominal DOSCs, which can then be converted to Mel or Sym. It interfaces with melwalletd.

Installing the CLI tools

The recommended way of installing Themelio software at the moment is by compiling from source. Since Themelio’s CLI tools are written purely in Rust, this is very easy using Rust’s Cargo package manager.

Installing a Rust toolchain

The best way to install a Rust toolchain is to follow the official guide.

Make sure that your Cargo version is at least 1.52:

$ cargo --version
cargo 1.52.1

Compiling themelio-node

$ cargo install --locked --git themelio-node

Compiling melwalletd

$ cargo install --locked --git

Compiling melminter

$ cargo install --locked --git

Using the CLI tools

We will cover how to use the CLI tools in subsequent pages on running full nodes, using the wallet daemon, and minting DOSC.